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  • To sign up for EDG's English classes, click the button below!

  • To sign up for EDG's English classes, click the button below!

  • To sign up for EDG's English classes, click the button below!

What Makes EDG’s English Program Unique

Targets recent immigrants
The program is designed for newly arrived immigrants.
Intensive Program
It is an intensive program. The EDG’s Accelerated English Plus ESOL classes meet 12 to 16 hours a week.
Full Service Program
EDG also provides counseling, job placement assistance, referrals, help filling out applications for schools, immigration forms, etc.
Small classes and a diverse student body
EDG’s classes are kept small. Class size is twelve to fifteen students are admitted each 10-week session. Since this program started in 2006, students have come from 22 different countries.

Other Important Aspects of the program

Innovative teaching methods
  • Develop listening and speaking skills by watching videos produced by USA Learns and Connect with English.
  • Total physical response where pantomime is used to bridge vocabulary gaps.
Additional learning activities
  • Create opportunities for students to engage with the vocabulary and grammar points they are learning by playing Jeopardy, Family, Feud, Wheel of Fortune.
  • Jazz chants and karaoke encourage students to utter words and improve their pronunciation.
  • Field trips to libraries, museums, parks, playgrounds and beaches combine fun with learning about Boston’s resources.
Use of mentors and volunteers
  • Pairing students with English speakers to practice speaking and provide support.
Pairing similar age mentors and students
  • Pairing young immigrants with college age mentors of similar age. They talk about the newest styles, songs, movie stars as well as current events.
Alumni activities
  • We encourage alumni to remain involved in school activities and to return for any assistance they need.