Our Programs

Accelerated English Plus Program

  • 12-week program for Beginner and Intermediate students
  • 30 hours of classroom instruction and activities every week
  • Grammar and vocabulary explained in English and in the student’s native language
  • Role-playing activities and games increase opportunities for practicing conversational
  • Alumni receive assistance with job skills
  • Cost: $150.00
Beginner English
  • Free program offered by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary
  • 36-week program for Beginners
  • Vocabulary, grammar, and an emphasis on communication skills
  • Computer lab: basic computer skills and introduction to web-based learning tools
Orientation to Your New Country
    • A 4-week program that provides a series of workshops, as well as individual
      job and career counseling and services designed to help newly-arrived
      English-speaking immigrations navigate their new environment and cope
      with stressful situations.
  • Workshop topics include: workforce development, education, housing and
    transportation, healthcare, dealing with stress, and adapting to new cultural norms.