Joining the Educational Development Group (EDG) was a transformative opportunity and by far one of the best decisions I made upon immigrating to the United States. When I joined the EDG in September 2009, I had barely 2 months in the US and I knew nothing about this country. EDG has helped me through a tough period of cultural assimilation and guided me every step of the way forward. Being at EDG was personally, educationally, and professionally rewarding. Now that I am a  a UMass graduate, I am forever grateful to EDG because I wouldn’t be there without the staff of EDG that believed in me and pushed me to pursue college. EDG has been a blessing to me and I hope it continues to help many more in navigating what can be a tough cultural shock when they first arrive in the U.S.    EDG Graduate – Rose Cyrile St Pierre


I’m from Honduras. I studied English at EDG in 2012. I attended beginning and intermediate levels. I learned and improved my English. The teachers were very good. The English classes had a lot of varied subjects that made learning easier. I think EDG is doing a great job teaching immigrants from different countries. It is very important for the students because in their future they could go to college and become professionals that can contribute to this country.  EDG Graduate – Olga Melendez


EDG is the first school every newly arrived immigrant should attend in my opinion. When I arrived in Boston in 2007, I was fortunate enough to have my first English learning experience at Educational Development Group. There, you are not only introduced to vigorous listening, speaking and reading skills but also to your next step in the future whether it is going to a community or a four year college or in the workplace environment. After attending EDG, I graduated from UMASS Boston and I am so proud that EDG has played such an important role in my career path. EDG is dear to my heart; therefore, the existence of such an organization in the Boston area is a MUST.   EDG Graduate – Nathalie Antoine

I was one of the first class of Educational Development Group (EDG.). I love EDG and its staff. It’s been 10 years since I joined E.D.G. in 2006. I still clearly remember what I experienced at EDG. When I came to America in 2006, I couldn’t speak any English. Teachers at EDG. were always nice and patient. I just couldn’t pronounce /r/ right when I learned the pronunciation. Eventually, I learned it through a week of effort. Without the help and encouragement of the teachers, I would have given up learning it. The days in E.D.G. were full of fun: we went to museums; we went for candies on Halloween; we went for free turkey in Boston City Hall on Thanksgiving. Not only had I learned English in E.D.G., but also it had me know about America. Today, I earned a bachelor degree from university of Massachusetts in Boston. I am so grateful for E.D.G. and Frances. I can’t imagine what I would be if there was no E.D.G.. I hope E.D.G can exist another 10 years or 100 years because thousands of new immigrants like me need E.D.G. to set the first step to integrate into America. It might be an exiguous step, but I believe, it is a solid step, which can change our lives.     EDG Graduate – Guochun Lin